Who Knew About Noosa Yoghurt?

Who know about Noosa Yoghurt?

Some of Noosa Yoghurt flavors…showing two cartons of the Bhakti Chai because I love it so much…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt? I didn’t, until this brand recently appeared in groceries in my part of the US. Noosa Yoghurt is silky and rich, made from whole milk. Not only is the quality of the yogurt impressive, but the various flavors are crazy yum and incredibly unique.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Koel Thomae is the founder of Noosa Yoghurt

I’ve never had yogurt quite like Noosa’s, and I’m blown away by its great quality and maverick flavor combinations. If you go to Noosa’s website, you’ll learn that its founder Koel Thomae, an Australian expat now living in Colorado was inspired to create a yogurt she happened upon while visiting Noosa beach in her native Australia. See this video from MSN for an interesting recap in the incredible growth of Thomae’s company and this recent Forbes interview of Thomae about the origins and ultimate sale of Noosa Yoghurt.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Noosa Yoghurt has both classic and supremely unique flavors

But back to the Noosa Yoghurt itself. Some of the flavors are more traditional, like the Vanilla or the Tart Cherry.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Sweet heat flavors from Noosa Yoghurt

But what what really struck me are the wonderful “sweet heat” flavors. There’s also Mango Sweet Chili and Mexican Chocolate which I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Pineapple Jalapeno…one of my top four fav flavors from Noosa

Of the “sweet heat” flavors that I’ve tasted, Pineapple Jalapeno is at the top of my list, with a distinctive green heat that complements the sweet tang of the pineapple to a T. The cool honey-tinged yogurt in the background brings everything together perfectly.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Blackberry Serrano is my favorite “sweet heat” flavor by Noosa

On another day? The Blackberry Serrano might be my fav “sweet heat” flavor…the slightly smoky spiciness of the serrano pairs oh, so perfectly with the punch of the blackberry. Again, there’s that silky lovely yogurt to tie it all together.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Ginger’s opinion of Noosa: udderly fab

When you take off the black lid of an eight-ounce container of Noosa Yoghurt, you’ll find a cute and clever saying printed on the top of the foil lid cover.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

The history of Noosa Yoghurt on a single foil cover…

Peel off that foil lid…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Fruit is on the bottom in Noosa Yoghurts

…and for the fruit yogurts, you’ll see that the silky and rich whole milk yogurt rests on top of the fruit on the bottom…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Step one is take the lid off

…(by the way, I love the wide and shallow signature containers of Noosa Yoghurts–they make it easy to stir and even easier to eat from)…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

…step two is stir the fruit from the bottom…

….anyway, just stir up the fruit from the bottom…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

…step three is eat once stirred…

…until everything is all mixed up and incorporated…

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

…and step four…licking the container is optional….

…and then just totally dig it! Because Noosa Yoghurt is whole milk and high fat yogurt, each eight-ounce container comes in at about 300 calories. Occasionally, I’ll spoon out half of a container for a lower-calorie snack, but a whole eight-ounce container is perfect for a meal at breakfast or lunch, and keeps me satiated and full for hours. Noosa Yoghurts also come in packs of four four-ounce containers for some flavors like the Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Mexican Chocolate. I’ve also seen larger 24-ounce containers of Vanilla and Honey.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Bhakti Chai is one of my fav Noosa flavors

And let me mention the irresistible Bhakti Chai flavor. This is one of my top two non-“sweet heat” flavors. In Bhakti Chai, the spices found in chai tea, such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger subtly infuse the silky smooth Noosa yoghurt…the combination of Indian-inspired chai flavors with the tangy taste and silky texture of the yogurt are like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Noosa’s Key Lime flavor has a rich and intense lime curd on the bottom

In the Noosa Yoghurt lineup, my other top pick on the non-“sweet heat” flavors is the Key Lime. The quality of the lime curd is so impressive. It’s sharp and intense, unlike any citrus flavored yogurt I’ve ever tasted. Aaaaand, just one more fav flavor of mine, purchased only today and which didn’t get photographed for this post: Pumpkin! I had my doubts about this one, and was pleasantly surprised to really taste the pumpkininess (hey, it’s a Ginger word).  The added pumpkin spices meld perfectly with the honey and tangy yogurt without overwhelming. I’ll be buying more of the Pumpkin flavor, for sure.

Who knew about Noosa Yoghurt?

Noosa is a beautiul yogurt AND beach

All of the Noosa Yoghurts are gluten free, and the Noosa website says that all of the milk for its yogurt comes from nearby dairies in Northern California. All I can say is thank goodness Koel Thomae created her wonderful line of Noosa Yoghurts. I’ll be looking forward to other fab flavors that Noosa Yoghurt develops.

All of my opinions are my own, independent and unbiased, and I received no samples, payments, or financial incentives from Noosa Yoghurt for comments or links in this article…I just really, really love Noosa Yoghurt!


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