Senior Prom


This is my daughter and her date on the evening of their senior prom.  I loved the way they coordinated the white and turquoise.

SL-and-Tyler-prom-#4Last year, my daughter’s dad paid for an expensive beaded prom dress, but this year, she wanted to wear something less formal, and decided on this darling white dress she found on Etsy for less than $100.00.



My daughter and her date both love photography, so they were busy earlier on prom day taking pictures of groups and couples. One of their friends took these shots of them, and I took this one below of the bow tie, standing right over my daughter’s shoulder.


My daughter said that her favorite part about prom was the actual prom, and not the dinner beforehand or the parties afterward. Later, she actually told me, “It was a blast.” That she and her date danced with so many people, that the DJ and the music were better than last year, that they didn’t run out of water bottles this year, and that her date was both gracious and attentive, holding her arm and opening doors.

The most fun, she said, was the dancing, and also mentioned a black cop (they have a lot of cops at these dances, she reported) who just kept smiling and laughing while he watched the mostly white kids dancing to the mostly black music and rap.

Prom ranking out of 5? She never gave me a number, but she did say, “It was the best one of the three I went to.”
She graduates in a couple of weeks. I’m so glad she’ll have these happy memories of her senior prom.


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