Macklemore’s Downtown Funky Cool and Funny

Perhaps you don’t particularly care for rap, but if you can handle a few four-letter words, then please at least check out this recently released “Downtown” music video featuring Macklemore and Eric Nally, co-produced by Ryan Lewis.

“Downtown” isn’t your typical rap song or music video, if there is such a thing.  How to describe this entertaining oddity?  “Downtown” is this funky, spoofy, kitschy, funny, goofy mix of a music video with a little bit of West Side Story, The Who’s Tommy, Grease, and Hairspray all rolled up in it, and while we’re at it, let’s throw a little influence from the Village People, Eminem, and Weird Al Yankovic in there too. I know, right?!!

Despite all of its wonderful weirdness, I think the song “Downtown” is actually kind of catchy. And despite the numerous expletives (or maybe because of?) there’s a lot of funny stuff going on in “Downtown.”  For instance, here are a few lines of the song’s lyrics:

My seat is leather, alright, I’m lying, it’s pleather
But girl, we could still ride together
You don’t need an Uber, you don’t need a cab
Fuck a bus pass, you got a moped man

My interest was piqued after I heard “Downtown” on the radio for the first time yesterday while driving.  As soon as I got home, I watched the above music video of “Downtown”, which I think totally adds to the humor, funkiness and goofiness of the song.

Let me mention humor once more…as a once-famous journalist and photographer Jacob Riis said, “The more I live, the more I think that humor is the saving sense.” I think that’s what ultimately grabs me about the “Downtown” song and video–it’s funny! And dare I say, also kind of sweet and uplifting in an odd sort of way?

Macklemore on moped. Macklemores "Downtown" is funky cool funny

Macklemore on moped in “Downtown” is crazy entertaining

You can also see Macklemore and Nally performing live recently here on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

If you don’t like “Downtown” after listening or watching, well then…at least you were open-minded enough to check it out! Now, excuse me while I go shopping for a moped!


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