Impressions of Recent Bowl Game Days

I’m a college sports fan, and I’ll admit that I’ve been what many would consider a couch potato for the last couple of days. College bowl games abound this time of year, and, oh yes, the college basketball conference season also geared up on January 1. Here are just a few of my favorite impressions from the first couple of days of the New Year:

  1.  The Mercedes Benz commercial. Except for one bowl game, which I’ll get to in a minute, the college bowl game scores have been lopsided and not very entertaining. But hey, there’s always the TV commercials!
    Christmas morning Mercedes Benz commercial

    Christmas morning Mercedes Benz commercial

    I crack up every time I see this Mercedes Benz commercial, which features a clever role reversal of the parents and kids on Christmas morning. It wasn’t too many years ago that my own two kids would giddily bounce onto my bed on Christmas mornings to wake me up at what seemed an ungodly hour so that I could join them downstairs and see what Santa brought. The mom in this video is over-the-top hilarious in her frantic excitement and exhilaration, screaming “Thank you, Santa!” in the driveway at the sight of their new Mercedes while the sleepy-headed kids quietly look on.2. A different kind of bowling.

    Bowl games with UT's Brian Randolph

    Bowl games with UT’s Brian Randolph

    As I mentioned, most of this year’s bowl games were rather unspectacular. However, some of the human interest stories caught my attention, perhaps because they’re just that–human and interesting. In the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day, for instance, Tennessee blew out Northwestern 45-6, but ESPN mentioned a friendly six-man bowling competition between the two schools a few nights prior to the football game. UT’s Safety Brian Randolph, affectionately known as Randyboy, showed off his unique bowling technique, shown in this video:

    Randolph, known by his teammates as a funny and “crazy” dude, with deadpan humor about three minutes into this entertaining interview tells how he’s looking forward to the bowling, saying “I’m the best bowler on the team. I’ve got a technique that no one knows about. I’m about to unleash that. I’ve got the technique that no one can grasp.”Randolph jokingly goes on to say that if professional golf doesn’t work out after his football career, then he’ll try bowling. Professional bowlers around the world might be confounded, but probably needn’t worry…

    3.  Coffee in my new mug.

    My new photo coffee mug

    Gotta have lots of coffee while watching those early morning New Year’s parades on TV. This year, I enjoyed some joe in my new photo coffee mug that my older daughter gave me for Christmas.

    Photo used for my new mug

    Photo used for my new mug

    For the mug, she used this photo that I took of my two daughters from last Christmas. I’m sure that photo mugs are fairly common and all, and might even seem lame to some, but I got a total kick out of this! What a delightful and personal gift! You can easily make one for yourself or a loved one here or here, for example.

    4.  TCU vs. Oregon: the best bowl game by far. Like I said, most of the bowl games thus far have been duds, with the margins of most wins being huge. It looked like the same would happen at the Alamo Bowl last night in San Antonio, when TCU was down to Oregon 31-0 at halftime. But then something incredible happened…TCU came back and won in triple overtime 47-41! This might end up being the best bowl game of the year, if not the century.

    First half: 0 points in black. Second half: 47 points in purple

    First half: 0 points in black. Second half: 47 points in purple

    Did the almost impossible turnaround happen because TCU’s head football coach Gary Patterson changed from his black shirt and hat to a purple shirt and hat? As Gary Patterson said in a post-game interview, “Black wasn’t working.”  This SB Nation article summed it up nicely:

    Now, some would say that Patterson simply changed shirts because he is a notably sweaty man. Others would say that the color of Patterson’s clothing had no effect on the game whatsoever. These people are fools. By changing into TCU’s true preferred color of choice, Patterson appeased the college football gods, and turned a certain loss into the most magical comeback in bowl history.”

    For TCU anyway, I guess purple is the new black. Seriously, what a thrilling lesson for all of us, and that is to never, ever give up.

    5. A very likeable Nissan commercial. Nissan promotes the notion of standing out with the 2016 Nissan Altima in a world that often encourages fitting in. Click the link here to watch the video.

    Nissan's very cool "Born to Be" Commercial

    Nissan’s very cool “Born to Be” Commercial

    Flashback moments of a rebel girl and a rebel boy culminate when both of them, now adults, recognize each other while driving their Nissan cars and stop to meet. It’s thirty seconds of very cool.

    Happy New Year!


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