Homemade Outer Space Pillow

Homemade Outer Space Pillow

My daughter and I made her pillow together!

This photo of my daughter holding her homemade outer space pillow gives me such joy, because I know how much she loves it, and because we both cherished the time spent making it together over the recent holidays.

Homemade Outer Space Pillow

Outer space pillow has bright fabric that rocks!

My daughter was pleasantly surprised by the bandana pillow that I had made for her a few months ago, and now was eager to learn how to sew another pillow for herself. For whatever reason, she really wanted to make a pillow with a planets-and-stars themed fabric…

Homemade Outer Space Pillow

Go ahead…try making an outer space pillow!

…so that’s what we did! We found the fun and funky fabric at a Jo-Ann Fabric store, along with a standard 20-inch pillow form. The rest is simple. Just cut two 21-inch squares of the fabric and pin them together, right sides facing; sew the squares together, leaving enough unsewn space to stuff with the pillow form; then carefully slip-stitch closed the opening. You could also use loose pillow stuffing instead of a pillow form. By the way, if you like the idea of having an outer space pillow, but don’t want to sew one, then check out some of the beautiful nebula pillows at the EarthMoonStarsStudio Etsy site.

Homemade Outer Space Pillow

Fun and funky outer space pillow is easy to make

I was tickled by how much my daughter enjoyed learning some simple sewing techniques, and how she loves the completed homemade outer space pillow! You might try sewing or crafting with a beloved family member or friend who’s game…it’s a lovely way to spend time together, and the final product always carries fond memories with it.

*I received no samples, payments, or financial incentives from Jo-Ann Fabric store or EarthMoonStarsStudio for comments or links in this article.




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