Eyelid Primer Prevents Creases

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Eyelid primers end shadow creases completely

It’s Day 5 of Ginger Wroot’s Beauty Week! Have you tried using primer on your eyelids before applying your eye shadow? Let me just say that applying eyelid primer prevents eye shadow creases. Period.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

e.l.f and Maybelline eyelid primers will do an excellent of job of preventing creases in your eye shadow

For years decades, I’ve dealt with horrid and embarrassing creasing of my eye shadow. All that time, I just thought it was because my skin is oily or because I wasn’t buying a quality eye shadow. Then, a few weeks ago, when my older daughter was visiting, she showed me her eyelid primer and told me that it kept her eye shadow from ever creasing, smudging, or coming off.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Maybelline’s and e.l.f.’s eyeshadow primers: both prevent creases

After being let in on this makeup secret, I was intrigued…so I went out and bought some e.l.f. Eyelid Primer, and then later some Maybelline Master Prime Eyeshadow Base for comparison. I was not disappointed with the results…since I started using these primers on my lids, my eye shadow stays on flawless, all day long. Eyelid primers are a relatively new product, but they work like magic to keep your eye shadow in place! You can see an excellent concise 2-minute Martha Stewart video here about various makeup primers–the eyelid primer is at the end of the video. The two eyelid primers in my post today have slightly different textures, and they go on a bit differently, partly due to their applicators, but they both work incredibly well.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Eyelid primer totally works

The Eyelid Primer by e.l.f. seems to be a bit dryer and lighter, but goes on evenly and silkily on the eyelid with the rather narrow tip of the applicator. The primer by Maybelline, on the other hand, is wetter and goes on a bit heavier, but quickly dries to a smooth base on the lid.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Maybelline and elf eyelid primer directions on the back of the packages

That’s why, on the back of the Maybelline package, the directions say as follows: “Sweep primer with soft sponge applicator over eyelid until entire eyelid is covered. Gently pat down with finger to eliminate excess.” Because e.l.f.’s primer is dryer and thinner, you won’t need to use your fingertip to eliminate any excess.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Have you tried eyelid primers under your eye shadow?

Some people, my older daughter included, prefer to apply their eye shadow before the primer has completely dried, believing that this helps keep the eye shadow in place. I’ve seen no significant difference either way, though.

Eyelid primer prevents creases

Eyelid primer: a fab little makeup secret!

Despite the differences in these two eyelid primers, both do an excellent job of preventing eye shadow creases and smudging. I’m awarding 5 stars out of 5 to both e.l.f.’s Eyelid Primer and Maybelline’s Master Prime Eyeshadow Base. As of the week of this posting, e.l.f.’s .11-ounce primer sells at Walmart for $2.00 and Maybelline’s .23-ounce primer sells at Walmart for $7.15. Although both perform well, based on price alone, I would choose the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer over Maybelline’s. You can find both of these eyelid primers at most drugstores and groceries, and there are other brands available as well.

Please join me tomorrow for Day 6 of Ginger Wroot’s Beauty Week!

All of my opinions are independent and unbiased, and I received no samples, payments, or financial incentives from e.l.f., Maybelline, or any other company for this review.


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    I used to have a terrible time with my eye shadow creasing so I started applying a tiny bit of foundation and powder to my eyelids before my shadow and I never have trouble now. I had no idea that they had primer for that! I’ll have to check this out!

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