Cut Off Shorts from AMVETS Thrift Stores


This is a coupon I received for 50% off this Memorial Day at one of our local AMVETS Thrift Stores.  Not that not having a coupon should keep you from shopping at AMVETS, since everything that AMVETS Thrift Stores sell is ridiculously inexpensive.   Plus, it’s a nice way to support our veterans.  And what day could be better to shop at an AMVETS Thrift Store than this Memorial Day?


After a trip to AMVETS Thift Store

This is my daughter, who loves to shop at thrift stores.  Of Goodwill, Salvation Army, and  AMVETS, she reports that AMVETS Thrift Store is the best managed store, and that the clothing  she looks through there is more neatly presented and easier to peruse.  Pricing is about the same at  all three stores, she says.



Like a lot of teens, my daughter loves to wear cut off shorts for summer.  She prefers her cut off shorts to be higher-waisted than most of the teens’ shorts sold in department stores. 

She recently looked on Amazon and on Etsy for high-waisted Levi’s (her favorite brand) cut off shorts, and found that they run in the range of $38.00 to $75.00.  So instead, she got smart and went to the AMVETS Thrift Store, where she found high-waisted women’s jeans…


…she simply cuts the jeans off, rolls them up, and voila.  The ones that she modeled here are either Levi’s or Liz Claiborne.


She found the three pairs of jeans that she cut into shorts, shown on this post, at AMVETS Thrift store, for $5.00 each.


Aren’t all of these cut off shorts stylish?  Especially for five bucks each?

So get yourself down to an AMVETS Thrift Store…it’s a cool place to shop, Memorial Day or any other day.



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