BRIX Chocolate With Wine, Red or White

BRIX Chocolate for Wine

BRIX Chocolate for Wine

I had never even heard of BRIX Chocolate for Wine until I received these two varieties as a belated birthday present from my friend Laura.  She knew that I like both wine and chocolate, so this was a perfect gift!

Directions in the box with the BRIX bar

Directions in the box with the BRIX bar


The outside of the BRIX boxes have some tips on which wines go with their different chocolates, but if you want some more ideas on how to pair wine with chocolate, check out and



This is an 8 oz. bar of the smooth dark chocolate.  BRIX says it is gluten free and Kosher certified.  And I must say, it’s really good chocolate, even if you don’t drink wine with it.

Smooth Dark Bar from BRIX

The Smooth Dark Bar from Brix

Predator 2012 Zinfandel

Predator 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel has a smokey, bacon-like aroma, with hints of cherry

I decided to try this Predator 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel with the BRIX Smooth Dark Chocolate.  While dining at a steakhouse last year, my sister and I came across the Predator Zinfandel and were really wowed by it.  I’ve purchased it several times since.  My wine store carries it for about $14.00 a bottle.  One of the distinctive traits of Predator is its smokey, bacon-like aroma, with a hint of cherries.  I love this wine, and thought it might pair nicely with the BRIX chocolate.





Predator Zinfandel paired with BRIX chocolate

Predator Zin paired with BRIX chocolate: a good match

I was surprised and pleased at the great quality of this chocolate, and even more surprised by how well it went with the Predator wine.

BRIX Smooth Dark Chocolate

I was surprised by how much I liked this chocolate

Next, I decided to try the same BRIX Smooth Dark Chocolate paired with a lighter, sweeter wine.

Hogue Reisling paired with BRIX chocolate

This time I paired a sweet Hogue Reisling with the BRIX chocolate

This is the Hogue 2013 Late Harvest Reisling. Hogue’s Reislings are some of my favorites.

BRIX chocolate pairs well with the Hogue Riesling too.

I liked this pairing with the sweet Riesling too.

The Hogue Late Harvest Riesling runs about $8.00 a bottle at my local wine store.

Hogue 2013 Late Harvest Riesling

Hogue 2013 Late Harvest Riesling is one of my favorite wines

It was a close call, but I think I preferred the Predator Zinfandel with the BRIX Smooth Dark Bar over its pairing with the Hogue Reisling.  One thing is for sure–it was all fun to test!

BRIX Chocolate is a great gift

BRIX Chocolate for Wine makes a great gift

My friend Laura did good…BRIX Chocolate made for a wonderful birthday present!


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