Betsey Johnson Perfume Review

The Betsey Johnson bottle cap pops with vivid color

The Betsey Johnson bottle cap pops with vivid color

This is a Wroot Review of Betsey Johnson perfume by Betsey Johson.  My rating: 4 stars out of 5.

Let’s just get right to it…the design of Betsey Johnson’s perfume bottle cap is, well, maverick, and that’s putting it nicely. The bottle’s pink and plastic, jewel-looking cap is taller than the glass bottle it sits atop. And yes, it’s wildly vivid and, as I’m sure many would say, tacky. My first impression of the cap was that it’s the sort of thing you might find in a Barbie doll gift set.

You'll either love or hate the design of this Betsey Johnson perfume bottle

You’ll either love or hate the design of this Betsey Johnson perfume bottle

I had to wonder why Betsey Johnson would design such an over-the-top flashy bottle for her perfume, surely knowing that it would turn off buyers who would otherwise purchase it.

Betsey Johnson photographed by Stephen Sullivan

Betsey Johnson photographed by Stephen Sullivan

But if you know anything about Betsey Johnson the celebrity fashion designer, then this sparkly pink and maverick bottle designed by her should be no surprise. Here’s how the New York Times described Johnson in an article in 2012: “Skinny and flexible, in heavy eye makeup, tight vintage T-shirt (her own design) and ripped black jeans, she looked like a punky, rag-doll version of Dolly Parton, minus the ample breasts.” This article by 20/20 is an interesting summary of Johnson’s career.

Betsey Johnson on the TV show "Dancing with the Stars"

Betsey Johnson on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”

And who can forget Johnson when she appeared last year on DWTS with Tony Dovolani? The fun-loving Johnson may come across as a little loopy, but she looks absolutely amazing for someone in their seventies.

The Wroot reviews the Betsey Johnson perfume

The Wroot reviews the Betsey Johnson perfume

But let’s get back to this review of Betsey Johnson’s perfume itself…despite its flashy bottle, the perfume is surprisingly subtle. When first sprayed, I smell vanilla, a bit of fruit, and a tinge of sweet. After just a few minutes, these refreshing scents dry down to richer and more woodsy spices and musk.

Betsey Johnson perfume is surprisingly complex

Betsey Johnson perfume is surprisingly complex

I bought this blind when I came across it drastically reduced at Kohl’s, but only after checking my phone for reviews at Frangantica while in the store. When I first sprayed Betsey Johnson perfume on my wrist after I returned home, I was worried it might be too “bubble gum” and “sugary” for my taste. Those worries went away quickly after just a minute or two. With the dry-down, I found that this is a perfume that, although generally light and refreshing, also has more complex and sophisticated scent combinations, especially the longer it stays on the skin.

Wroot Review of Betsey Johnson perfume

A Wroot Review of Betsey Johnson perfume

I don’t usually like much musk in my perfumes, and although the musk in this Betsey Johnson perfume is obvious, it isn’t at all overpowering. I’ve always been impressed with the longevity of this perfume as well. I can spray it on and can still get whiffs of it coming off of my skin and clothes ten hours later. Its seems to have a medium sillage.

The bottle design for Betsey Johnson perfume: is it tacky or whimsical?

The bottle design: tacky or whimsical?

Because this Betsey Johnson perfume is subtle enough, I can get away with wearing it to the office, and yet it’s complex and sophisticated enough to wear out in the evening too.

My biggest beef about this creation by Betsey Johnson is the design of its bottle cap. I can’t convince myself that the bottle isn’t tacky. On my dresser, it looks out of place with the rest of my pretty perfume bottles. And although I love its scent and longevity, I’m not sure that I would purchase another bottle, only because of the darn Barbie doll pink plastic bottle cap. It’s true…if not for the bottle cap design, I would have given this Betsey Johnson perfume a rating of 4 and 1/2 stars.

A young teen actually might love the look of this perfume bottle, but I can see that same teen not necessarily liking the more sophisticated, complex and ever-so subtle perfume itself. I understand that this Betsey Johnson perfume has been discontinued…I think that it might still be in production if not for the unfortunate in-your-face design of the bottle’s cap.

My rating of Betsey Johnson perfume by Betsey Johnson: 4 stars out of 5.


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