The Benefits of Not Mowing


We’ve had a cool, damp spring, which means perfect weather for the grass and weeds to grow.  I’ve been busy with work, this blog, and the preparations for my daughter’s high school graduation, among other things, so I guess I haven’t mowed often enough to keep up with the lushly growing grass.  My neighbor Stan, whose extremely manicured yard puts mine to shame, could not contain himself, I guess, and finally ran his riding mower over my yard one Saturday morning while I was still in bed.  I felt a little guilty as I lay there in my pajamas listening to the roar of the mower, but mostly I felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to spend two hours later that day mowing.  (And yes, it really was on that day’s to-do list, but of course Stan would never have believed me).  You believe me, don’t you?

The thing is, Stan has a riding mower, which can’t get in all the nooks and crannies around the bushes, rocks and trees.  I sort of noticed this later that day, but I easily convinced myself that what Stan had done was quite good enough…why, Stan might even be offended if I got out there after him and think that I was trying to show him up or something!  Believe me, I can bullshit myself like nobody.  The truth was, I couldn’t bring myself to put on my “yard clothes”, get the little push mower out, pour gas and oil into, and get out there to do just a little trimming around bushes, rocks and trees.

So I let the trimming go, for, like, three weeks.  During that time, Stan ran his mower over my yard twice more, and, yes, I was decent enough to give him some money the last time I saw him.


It was only today that I finally got out there to “spruce up” the yard with the push mower.  While mowing up close to my back deck, I was delighted to find these darling flowers with tiny purple trumpet blossoms.

purple-flowers-for-web-#2Out of reach of Stan’s mower, they had come up right next to their bolder and flashier azalea cousins.  I have no idea what these little wild flowers are called, but I couldn’t bring myself to mow over them.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you know what kind of flowers they might be.



So here’s my take…sometimes it’s okay to let the yard go, to let your neighbor mow it, and to let the wild flowers grow.  -G


  1. Laura Marsh says

    This looks like Nettleleaf Sage – wild sage – it’s in the mint family. Certainly is a beautiful “weed” 🙂

    • says

      I checked for a photo on Nettleleaf Sage, and I think you’re right! These days, it’s just clover in the yard–ha! Thanks for commenting!

      • Laura says

        If it’s in the mint family, it may just stray anywhere! I learned the hard way that mint will take over if you don’t control the roots. In this case, you may not mind as it makes a lovely border between mowings 🙂


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